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Mission & Vision


S.P. Deloraya Job Contracting & Consultancy Services Inc. exists because of its compassionate and competent professionals serving the needs of its stakeholders for valuable quality products & services that are compliant with the highest quality industry standards!

And to enable the inclusive growth and sustainable development of all stakeholders to be more successful and continuously contribute in nation building for God’s greater glory.


S.P. Deloraya Job Contracting & Consultancy Services Inc., is a stable diverse organization under the entrepreneurial leadership of self-actualized professionals united to provide quality products, services and technologies beyond borders.

Core Values

S ynergistic Professionalism

A ligned Strategic Leadership

R esult-Oriented Service Excellence

A bundant Generosity

H appiness in the Service of God

S. P. Deloraya Job Contracting & Consultancy Services, Inc. was established on 15 April 1996, duly registered under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and registered under D.O. 18-A with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

A legitimate & labor laws compliant service contractor/manpower service provider with a steady maintenance of manpower pool, tools, equipment, facilities & substantial capital to undertake it’s clients’ needs.

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